We are a company which is engaged in the developement, production and management of remotely monitored and controlled telemetry and control devices. We offer special battery-powered systems with a battery long lifetime and remote transmission of information called BaWiT (Battery Wireless Telemetry), a simple modular PLC systems for monitoring and management of small technology units with the possibility of a remote long-range management. For more information visit our website.

Battery Programable Systems BaWiT

We produce and suppply telemetry programable units for rough industrial environments, mostly where no power supply is available. Units provide remote data transfer using GSM/GPRS network and RF in free band 868MHz. Most of them are designed for possible explosive atmosphere (Ex environments). With these systems we realize complex applications together with supply of dedicated sensors.

Simple Industrial PLC Systems

SCT PLC Systems of T1 series make a group of small PLC modules, which are designed for direct connection to sensors and switching controlled units. Modules are connected to common RS485 bus. One bus can have up to 31 modules. All modules are DIN rail mountable. Using these modules we realize monitoring and controlling of various industrial applications.

Monitoring and Controlling of  Industrial Technological Objects

We provide complete service for monitoring and controlling which contains project design, mounting, installation, revision, warranty and customer service, technical support for various gas equipment. It concerns mostly gas regulation stations, stations of active corrosion protection, stations of electric polarized drainage and other types as well as monitoring of technological objects and devices in different industrial areas. We also realize remote readings for wholesale and middleconsumer gas cutomers together with data transfer to billing system and customer's distpatch. Besides gas we also realize remote readings of other types of energy and processing of transferred data.

Processing of Transferred data údajov

We supply also communication servers and software databases which serve for transferred data gathering and procesing. They collect data from thousands of telemetry devices. As a remote support of our telemetry and controlling systems these database systems provide remote configuration modification as well as SW change ability. Technical support for our BaWiT and PLC systems also contains complex configuration and development tools with debug mode. Configuration tools also provide graphical data presentation of monitored and transferred values.

SW support - www.BaWiT.eu

Web page www.BaWiT.eu serves as web interface for access to technological data from telemetry devices of BaWiT series. Web allows multi-level authorization and authority delegation for users. Data can be shown in tabular of chart form per different time period. It allows data export to Excel (CSV format). Additional features are remote device configuration and remote device controlling. Carrying out these functions are delayed with regard to current configuration of particular device. Another function is GPS position of device on the map. It allows tracking of moving device for example in the vehicle. More information available upon request.



BaWiT-C/M/F modules

Was extended families of BaWiT boards. Modules GSM/ETH/CDMA/RF/OLED.

  • option of modular extension
  • user modification on demand

More details on web pages for BaWiT modules.


BaWiT-A/B Series

Mechanically and chemically durable BaWiTs.

  • BaWiT A/B with battery power (up to 10 years battery lifetime)
  • operational temperature range
    -40°C to +75°C
  • resistance agains vibrations
  • usable in hard environment
  • SPL programming language
  • (Zóne 1)

More details on web pages for BaWiT-A/B.

Sensors for battery systems

New sensors was published with low voltage consumption
  • temperature sensor
  • humidity and temperature sensor
  • magnetic field sensor
  • sensors on long cable
  • sensors in-build in BaWiTs

More details for series BaWiT-S.

PCT PLC Modules

New PLC modules was released. 

  • Module PLC-CPU - control unit
  • Module GSM
  • Module 4/8x analogy inputs
  • Module 8x binary inputs
  • Module 5x binary outputs
  • Display module
  • Module for connecting 3x PT100 sensors
  • Module for connecting 8x PT1000 sensors
  • Module of SWITCH RS232/RS485
  • Module analog outputs voltage and current
  • Module to control stepper motor
  • Possible interconnection of PLC T1 systems with BaWiT systems

More details on web pages for PLC-CPU and PLC-Moduly.


BaWiT-C/M/F Series

BaWiT family devices was extended with modular option BaWiT-C/M/F devices.

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